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Wellness Programs and Links

Dr. Meng is very active in providing education and counselling to the community and she is regularly participating in community health fairs, health education seminars, patient support group and charity care.


Never sleep with your baby: Has that advice backfired?

The advice to never sleep with your baby has backfired in the worst possible way.

Sleep tips to prepare for daylight saving time

The spring forward to daylight saving time will happen at 2 a.m. on Sunday, March 8. This annual event can be a shock to your body. Losing an hour of sleep during the time change can disrupt your body clock. This can make it difficult to get enough sleep during the following workweek.

F.A.S.T. Stroke Assessment

Facial droop -- Arm drift -- Speech change -- Time to call 911 -- REMEMBER, TIME IS BRAIN!